Tryouts for 2019-20 Season

Tryouts for the 2019-20 Winter Travel Season (grades 3 – 6) were completed during the first week of October.

We are still accepting registration for our Development Program (1st, 2nd & 3rd grade boys & girls) and Senior Boys (7th & 8th grade). Please click here to register.


Additional Information
The 7th & 8th Grade boy tryouts run in conjunction with school team tryouts in mid-November.  If a child does not make a school team, we will begin to fill our Senior Boys (7th & 8th grade) A & B teams. There will not be any Senior Girls (7th & 8th grade) teams in the youth organization this season.

The leagues/programs that the organization is involved with are the following:

  • Travel teams (“A” & “B”) from grades 3-8 play schools in York and Eastern Adams counties.
  • Development teams (“C”) from grades 3-8 play at local schools or the YMCA.
  • Skill Development Program for boys and girls in grades 1-2.

For grades 7 & 8: If trying out for the school team you must still register for travel before the deadline listed above to be considered. Please note that school tryouts require documentation of a doctor’s physical (after June 1st) and additional paperwork. Please contact the high school athletic department or athletic trainer with any questions.


Registration Fee and Uniform information
Registration fee for Travel and Development teams – $125 (includes NEW uniform; practice jersey may be purchased for addition $20)
Registration fee for Skill Development Program – $50
Late Registration Fee of $10 for registrations after September 30th